Long Days…

Summer is here! The island is green, the sun sets but sits below the horizon for awhile so that it stays light forever, the days alternate between sunny and cloudy, flip flop weather and rain boot weather. This is the time of year we’ll miss most! Beautiful wildflowers, vibrant undergrowth, surprise animal sightings and bird songs everywhere, special times.

Having the daylight for most of 24 hours makes for some definite time confusion. You have to pay extra attention to the clock, because the sun will deceive you by several hours. It makes evening bonfires and hikes easier and more fun.

Summer is also transfer season, when Coast Guard friends move on. So each year we lose some friends from our circles and add new friends. This year much of our circle is dispersing, coasties and townies, over just about a calendar year.

I hate goodbyes. Passionately. But I thank God for friends special enough to make the goodbyes hard. For people we love enough to miss. They make me long for Home, an eternity of days spent in the Sonshine. But in the meantime we are enjoying the long days and time with friends while we have them!


Catching breath

This spring/summer has been interesting so far. Both of us have been struggling with depression. I got a chest cold that turned into several weeks of chest tightness, with what feels like asthma flareups but may only be allergies. Regardless, it has inhibited our activity level. Vacation is coming up and we are both eager for it, for a break to finish regrouping and refreshing in the sun. At least, we’re praying for sun!

Even with the emotional lows and the energy lags, this time has been good. Good conversations with friends and family. Good rest together. Good time in the sun, when it’s out. And of course, Crab Fest!  

We’ve been working through thoughts on various minor and not so minor things. Hurting for aching loved ones. Starting to form plans to move (hopefully next summer). Buying a used car (because our Kia was falling apart). Talking about adoption again (now that our student loans are almost gone). Praying for our church’s pastoral search and wrestling with conflicting thoughts and feelings during the candidating process. 

Good things, hard things, encouragement and apathy. And then somehow it is June, vacation is coming, the island is turning green, the days are longer. We were surprised and blessed by a visit from my uncle. And we are still in good hands, still anchored fast, in this time of rest as in the time of stress.