Throwback – The Son’s Visage

Written in 2009.

He’s surrounded by His creatures
Who forever sing His praise
To holy to be seen by man
The great Ancient of Days.

Surrounded by a light so bright
No mortal can approach
Yet somehow we His glory bear
Despite our past reproach.

For Lord Sabaoth is sov’reign
And will get the praise, His due
As the Just and Justifier
Who will make His world anew.

At the ending of the age
When the final trumpet sounds
And the glory of His majesty
Will everything surround.

For the elements will melt away
Before His wrath undone.
Then grace and love will shine
In the visage of the Son.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2009


If, Then

Colossians 3:1-2

You claim with Christ to be raised,
So seek the things above.
This evidence should follow
If you serve the Lord of love.

Seek the things at Christ’s seat,
There at God’s right hand.
Let your mind full dwell there
With them, the blood bought band.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2018

Words Matter

You know those themes that come up repeatedly in your life? The mantras that could be mottos if there weren’t so many of them? I have several themes that recur. “They were looking for a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God and they knew that they were aliens and strangers on the earth.” “Context.” “Let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.” And others. But this is one of the recent themes that keeps coming up. Words matter. And their meanings matter.

In the movie “The Giver,” adult characters frequently use the phrase “precision of language.” It is one our favorite things about the movie, because so often we want to say the same thing. Words have meanings, but our culture uses them carelessly and allows for confusion where clarity is possible. We get annoyed at people who nitpick about word usage, even when such nitpicking is needed to clarify the point. We live like characters from Alice’s Wonderland, where words can mean whatever you want them too.

It makes sense that in a world which holds absolutes in low esteem, especially those stark white absolutes of truth, holiness, righteousness, right, in that world definitions don’t matter. Nor does orthodoxy. Not in that world. But to the Church? That mystical organism that will be presented to Christ as a spotless bride? Truth should matter a lot to her. As should words.

Here is a video that we go back to semi-regularly when the mushiness of language surrounding us gets us down:

And here is a poem I wrote yesterday on the same subject.


The words you speak are powerful,
Proceeding from your heart.
They influence your thinking
Like a horse behind a cart
– As such they merit caution
Lest they pierce with error’s dart.

Of careless words a counting,
So He promised on that day.
I want to be found worthy
So I think, and seek, and pray
That His will be filled in me now
And in everything I say.

Copywrite Jonelle Liddell 2018

Throwback – Choice of Choices

Another taste of earlier writing, from June, 2009

To make the choice of choices
As louder comes the call.
Its echo drowns the voices
That distract me, one and all.
As the sound of battle carries
And one by one the soldiers fall.

Go running to the battle
Or stay and watch it rage?
As the swords and bucklers rattle
And the foe the saints engage,
Crying out for reinforcements
Who will stand and fight and wage.

Before them rides the General
Who cannot know defeat.
The Gospel is their banner,
And Truth makes light their feet
Until they see eternal vict’ry
Or stand at the Judgement Seat.

So many souls at stake here
And so few who deign to fight,
As the ones who claim His name
Live in the dark and mock the light,
By apathy supporting him
Who denigrates the Right.

I make my choice and answer
Knowing well the price I’ll pay,
For peace must come thru fire
If one hopes to make it stay
And ’tis suff’ring that brings glory
And pain burns the dross away.

Yes, I will join His army now
And jump into the fray.
Seeking first His glory,
As His summons I obey.
Clinging to the shield of faith
As with His sword, the Lie I slay.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2018

Throwback – Cycle of Innocence

Since I am lacking inspiration to write the last few days, please enjoy some writing from the past.  I may share more this way, later.  This was my first actual poem, written in 2006, reflecting on similarities between young children (like the ones I babysat and taught) and individuals with dementia (like the ones I visited and provided care for).

The innocence of childhood
the simplicity of soul,
Searching for the highest good
seeking to be made whole,
Wondering what life may hold
and what will be their role.

Naivety and candidness,
these pass as time goes by.
Replaced with some maturity
and sometimes also pride
Seasoned now with cynicism,
tempered as they’re tried.

Time passes and they’re young no more
as age their body claims.
To laugh, to play, sing and pretend
seems frivolous as games
Living now in past and present,
pondering lost aims.

Now enters life its final phase
when childhood returns.
Simplicity and innocence
and joy within them burns.
Eager anticipation for
their voyage to God’s arms

Copywrite Jonelle Liddell 2018


I have sat on beaches crying
The shore wave beat’n as my soul
And I’ve walked the beaches happy
Peace flooding with billow roll
The same place a tool for comfort,
Or for singing, heart joyful.

There is something in the water,
Something speaks deep in my heart.
I feel God’s arms around me
And remember those apart,
This, a place of contemplation;
Here, a canvas for His art.

I will always love the ocean
Feeling sand against my skin.
Smelling seaweed, hearing birds cry
Whirling breezes make me spin,
Dancing with the shining sun
Or letting rain wash in

If you need a refuge, try it,
Take a walk along the shore.
Let the winds steal breath, your hair
Wind blown, it realigns your core.
Now listen for God’s whisper,
Let your prayers and praises soar.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell, April 26, 2018