A Resurrection Day Poem

(written last Easter, 3/20/2016)

Do you feel the wonder?

How do you hold it in? 

If you’ve really felt it, 

That rush, release from sin 

Exhilarating freedom, 

New hope that grace may win. 
Does your heart leap within you, 

Almost bursting from your breast? 

Is this the taste of freedom 

Promised to those without rest, 

To the hopeless, wand’ring strangers 

With no pillows, den or nest? 
This is home, here’s peace at last, 

Rejoice! Let it be known!

Proclaim your hope, let others hear, 

Go sow the seed you’ve grown. 

Such news was made for sharing, 

You can’t celebrate alone! 
Copyright Jonelle Liddell, 2016