Rain and Sun

After a streak of rainy or cloudy days, yesterday afternoon the sun broke out. We took advantage of the gloriousness and walked the Spruce Cape trail.


Animal Day!

I often plan on updating the blog with things, like our vacation with Fred’s parents in Hawaii, or our short individual visits to our families after the death of Fred’s grandpa and my grandma the last few months. I plan on it, frame it in my mind, and don’t do it. Either I get distracted, or lack the motivation to actually do anything, to communicate, is that still depression? I think it is still there. But we are getting better, both of us. We are on a more compatible work schedule, that is helping a lot. There are still challenges, things at work, at church, in life, but we’re getting better. And some days are very good, like Tuesday!

Tuesday was beautiful and we were both not only off work, but awake! So we had a breakfast date and went for a drive out the road (Anton Larsen Road, if you’re following on a map). It’s mostly dirt, going off west-ish of town. And it was a gorgeous day.


At the bay at the end of the road there were several sea otters playing, too far out for my puny zoom to pick up well, but if you know that the blips in the water are otters, then you can see them!

After playing peekaboo with a seal on the way back, we stopped at the Buskin bridge and admired a mother bear and her two cubs!  Our second bear sighting in Kodiak, our first close enough to really tell in pictures!





A New Addition

A couple of months ago, Fred was leaving for work. It was dark and the night had been particularly stormy, blowing roofing off our neighbor’s trailer, tearing limbs from the trees behind us, pouring buckets of rain. The storm hadn’t died down yet, but in the tumult Fred heard a kitten crying. He found it huddled against our neighbor’s trailer, a little black ball of pathetic, a miniature version of our Pepper. He took it to the shelter and we expected someone to claim her. 


 After a few days, we checked and no one had looked for her. So we asked for her. It took 4 weeks for us to bring her home, because she had to be spayed first, but now little Storm is ours and the cats are finally learning to get along!

  It gives us a fun range of the cat lifespan, with a 7ish month kitten, a 4 year old cat (who now tries hard to act sophisticated whenever the kitten is around), and our increasingly senile and stiff Crystal (who can still purr like a motorboat and still loves to sleep with us).  

Storm is learning to be held, Pepper is learning to share attention, and we are already struggling to tell them apart at times. It’ll only get better, right?