We are a newly wed couple, that moved to Kodiak on an account of all other doors being closed for us (read more here). This is a new adventure for us, added to the many we’ve already had throughout the time we’ve known each other.

We met at George Fox University, where we both worked at the IT service desk and were a part of the same small group of friends. Our friendship grew through the many trials that faced us, individually, together, and with the rest of our group. Near the end of our time at Fox we decided to take our relationship a step further, past mere friendship. Eventually leading to our engagement and marriage (read more here).

We are now far away from all our old friends and family and making new friends here in Kodiak. This blog is an attempt to help keep our friends and family informed on our lives. We have both been taken down many paths where we have been tested and tried, being pulled through by God’s grace. We have learned many lessons and know there are many more ahead of us.