Life as a Musical…

Have you ever watched a musical and wondered what it would be like to have your life accompanied by music? It would be like being married to Fred. Fred likes to narrate our life with nonsense songs that he makes up on the spot. Sometimes he is more careful about the tune than others. Sometimes he pays more attention to rhymes, sometimes he doesn’t bother. Sometimes we alternate parts.

Some of these songs get sung fairly often, so sometimes I start them. Which works for some, but can get a little strange. Like Fred’s favorite song: “This is my wife! She is so pretty! She makes me happy, and I love her lots!” He sings that one a lot so I do too. Is that weird? Maybe, but when your life is a musical, you sing!

It’s one of my favorite things about being married, seeing the ways our habits and idiosyncrasies blend and shift over time. Some things become both of ours, some things we accommodate in the other. Some things we enable. And some things we encourage and work to keep. I pray that God always gives me the grace to work for our marriage and that He continues to give us a joy in each other that overflows in silly songs!


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