Denali Adventures – Saturday

Jennifer is here! She is my next younger sister and we get her for a week! We decided to adventure in the rest of Alaska with her a little, because she has been to Kodiak several times and all of us wanted to go to Denali National Park, so Fred and I flew up to Anchorage Friday evening, miraculously with only a slight flight delay and little turbulence. We met her flight Saturday morning and picked up the rental car.

After a quick visit to Title Wave Books (a large used book store), Kaladi Brothers Coffee and Safeway (for snack food), we hit the road north. It was a beautiful day!

We enjoyed talking to each other, then listening to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from Audible. And we took in the mountain views. If you haven’t been to Anchorage, it is surrounded by mountains. And the highway north has mountains on both sides. It is gorgeous. Truly.

We were having a blast and weren’t even there yet!

We stayed at the Denali Princess Lodge. The first evening we walked to the Nenana River and explored the shops in the Lodge complex and on the boardwalk across the street.

Sunday we were headed into the park itself!


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