Throwback – Choice of Choices

Another taste of earlier writing, from June, 2009

To make the choice of choices
As louder comes the call.
Its echo drowns the voices
That distract me, one and all.
As the sound of battle carries
And one by one the soldiers fall.

Go running to the battle
Or stay and watch it rage?
As the swords and bucklers rattle
And the foe the saints engage,
Crying out for reinforcements
Who will stand and fight and wage.

Before them rides the General
Who cannot know defeat.
The Gospel is their banner,
And Truth makes light their feet
Until they see eternal vict’ry
Or stand at the Judgement Seat.

So many souls at stake here
And so few who deign to fight,
As the ones who claim His name
Live in the dark and mock the light,
By apathy supporting him
Who denigrates the Right.

I make my choice and answer
Knowing well the price I’ll pay,
For peace must come thru fire
If one hopes to make it stay
And ’tis suff’ring that brings glory
And pain burns the dross away.

Yes, I will join His army now
And jump into the fray.
Seeking first His glory,
As His summons I obey.
Clinging to the shield of faith
As with His sword, the Lie I slay.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2018


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