Throwback – Cycle of Innocence

Since I am lacking inspiration to write the last few days, please enjoy some writing from the past.  I may share more this way, later.  This was my first actual poem, written in 2006, reflecting on similarities between young children (like the ones I babysat and taught) and individuals with dementia (like the ones I visited and provided care for).

The innocence of childhood
the simplicity of soul,
Searching for the highest good
seeking to be made whole,
Wondering what life may hold
and what will be their role.

Naivety and candidness,
these pass as time goes by.
Replaced with some maturity
and sometimes also pride
Seasoned now with cynicism,
tempered as they’re tried.

Time passes and they’re young no more
as age their body claims.
To laugh, to play, sing and pretend
seems frivolous as games
Living now in past and present,
pondering lost aims.

Now enters life its final phase
when childhood returns.
Simplicity and innocence
and joy within them burns.
Eager anticipation for
their voyage to God’s arms

Copywrite Jonelle Liddell 2018


2 thoughts on “Throwback – Cycle of Innocence

  1. Dear Jonelle,

    This is so nice. May I share it with my mom’s caregivers?

    Also, Rex and I are hoping to make it to Alaska this summer (August?). Would it be possible for us to visit? We haven’t made any “concrete” plans yet.

    Love you, Penny


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