Working up to a full post

(Original post 1/16/2015, just updated the category). I am psyching myself up for a full post, thinking about what to write.  In the meantime, I’ll tell you that we are healing and doing much better in general.  We are still in Kodiak, which continues to be an adventure in different ways (which I’ll elaborate on later).  Writing continues to happen in brief spurts, the last one being in November.  So here is the poem I wrote for my mom’s heavenly birthday.  And soon (hopefully!) there will more of a life update and As a happy note to the post though, I’ll include a recent family picture!


Birthday Thoughts

Happy Birthday, dear beloved!
How I miss you, but I see
It’s your one year celebration,
One year of eternity!

What wonders will you see today?
What heroes will you meet?
Who are the boon companions
That your heart delights to meet?

Do you have a favorite corner,
A beach where you fine rest
With the Savior who you loved most,
Him whose heart you followed best?

Maybe fruit will replace cake there,
As morsels from Life’s Tree,
With sweet sips of flowing water
Drawn straight from the Crystal Sea.

Do you party for these birthdays
Or are you busy at the gate
Where you welcome each new entrant
Fresh from shedding earthly weight?

He’s the Sun, so do you sleep there,
Between singing, stories, praise?
Or does adventure follow love
With no need to rest from grace.

How you must enjoy the lib’ries
Such a plethora of books,
The golden script of faithful saints,
The fire tested works.

Books and beaches, heav’nly music,
All the things you loved here most,
There you soul can drink without end
With the rest of Jordan’s host.

Yes, your day will be most happy,
Jesus sings the songs with you,
But we still mark the day with sadness
Until our turn to pass through.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2014


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