I have sat on beaches crying
The shore wave beat’n as my soul
And I’ve walked the beaches happy
Peace flooding with billow roll
The same place a tool for comfort,
Or for singing, heart joyful.

There is something in the water,
Something speaks deep in my heart.
I feel God’s arms around me
And remember those apart,
This, a place of contemplation;
Here, a canvas for His art.

I will always love the ocean
Feeling sand against my skin.
Smelling seaweed, hearing birds cry
Whirling breezes make me spin,
Dancing with the shining sun
Or letting rain wash in

If you need a refuge, try it,
Take a walk along the shore.
Let the winds steal breath, your hair
Wind blown, it realigns your core.
Now listen for God’s whisper,
Let your prayers and praises soar.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell, April 26, 2018


2 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. So beautiful and touching with the moving of the Spirit. Water is so soothing and I love it. Love you, Mary

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