Momentous Silence

We think of noise in moments
That will resonate through time,
But once silence heralded
What truly stood sublime-
Point that marked a watershed
From which our age declines.

Creation—being booming,
As You spoke the moon and stars
Into place and added chatter,
Creatures scattered near and far,
Imaginings exploded,
World seeming without mar.

The Fall—sin’s grandiose entry,
Surely followed by lament.
By wails or realization,
Tears, as human hearts were rent
With the knowledge—good and ill,
Under curses now backs bent.

A Flood, in rushing waters
All of nature seems undone!
No silence here, just anguish,
Waves encompass everyone.
And the rain pounds on their refuge
As the remnant waits for sun.

Her cry at incarnation
Of the child, God and man.
Her cry, with others mingling
When His days complete their span,
Heav’ns and earth paying tribute
With quakes, darkness in God’s plan.

What followed next was awesome,
But no trumpet sang the call.
There were no angels singing
When the first light welcomed all
And the Savior rose in triumph,
Leaving shrouds and tomb’s enthrall.

The tipping point of hist’ry,
But initially who knew?
Christ left the tomb in silence,
As in silence makes hearts true,
But His next advent comes shouting
When God last makes all things new!

Copywrite Jonelle Liddell, 2018


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