Becoming a sweater

Yarn, especially if it has cool textures and pretty colors, is a happy thing! Friends taught me how to crochet as a kid and I still enjoy that craft, but since moving to Kodiak I have added knitting to my repertoire and have been slowly expanding my knowledge base. So starting with socks, blankets, hats, fingerless gloves, and most recently sweaters. This is my third sweater and the second time using this pattern, with minor adjustment.

The first step was picking out my yarn. I went to The Rookery, a locally owned fiber shop, and found the perfect colors.

Next I turned the hanks of yarn into balls. Here I was experimenting with winding the balls over a knitting needle. Usually I start it on my hand, which I have now decided is easier.

The pattern come from Ravelry, for a Pixelated Pullover. You can google the name and see the variations of the pattern that other people have tried. This sweater is worked from the neck down, with no seam. Here I’ve just started, this is the back of the neck.

Crystal is fascinated! Once the full neck is formed you work in the round until you reach the level of the underarm.

Here you can see the cap sleeve shaping and the shoulder seam (formed by working right and left leaning increases). The color work chart is behind it. Also, note the delicious mug of coffee, vitally important for any satisfying knitting sessions.

I forgot about taking pictures for a little while, and a week meant a lot of progress! Basically, I knit in the round to the level of the underarms and then threaded the stitches that would become the sleeve onto some waste yarn (that’s what the bright pink tails are for). Then I cast on a few stitches for make up the underarm part of the seam and continued knitting in the round. Eventually the body of the sweater was long enough, so I knit the ribbing and bound off. You can see the result further down.

Once the sweater body was done, I put the stitches being held on waste yarn back onto needles. But since the sleeves are smaller than the body, I used double pointed needles. They were easier to manipulate than the circular needles for that diameter project. Then I picked up the underarm stitches and knit in the round again, periodically decreasing until the sleeve was the right length. Last time that meant adding ribbing and binding off, but this time I wanted thumb holes. Which means a little more wrangling. I used my favorite fleece as a guide to when to start the holes. At that point I started working back and forth, instead of in the round, until the thumb hole was long enough. Then I worked in the round for the ribbing and bound off.

I think it turned out pretty well! So far it is odor resistant, washes well (I use cold water and hang dry it), dries quickly, and is soft. And the colors make me happy!


4 thoughts on “Becoming a sweater

  1. This is beautiful, Jonelle. And it looks so good on you. Hope you are doing well. I think of you often.

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