Of Blood and An Empty Tomb

Yesterday was my favorite holiday. I love Resurrection Day. Christmas may get more hype, and the incarnation of Christ is definitely worth celebrating, but the empty tomb is the climax of the Christian calendar, the basis of our hope. And we too often relegate it to the back burner.

“There is power in the blood,”

“Are you washed in the blood,”

“The blood will never lose its power,”

“There is a fountain filled with blood,”

All year we sing these and other songs celebrating Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary and the redemption it accomplished. The events of Good Friday are rejoiced in frequently. And they should be. “We preach Christ crucified,” Paul said. Calvary matters. But God’s drama was not finished at Calvary. Christ had finished the sacrifice, yes, but there were more wonders to come.

“If Christ has not been raised, we are of all men to be most pitied.” Christ died as a perfect sacrifice, so now we can boldly approach the throne of grace. But more than that, joy of joys, He was raised the third day, so we can be sure that we also will rise! “He arose a victor from the dark domain” and now “He lives within my heart!” This is worth celebrating all year! Why don’t we? Can we? Can we shift from the folly that says we can only sing of Christ’s coming in December and we can only sing of His conquering death on one day in spring, and instead proclaim the whole gospel always?

“Over and over like a trumpet underground did the earth seem to pound ‘He is risen’!” Amen!


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