Growing up on the Olympic Peninsula you see a lot of seagulls. They are everywhere: hanging out on roofs, wheeling overhead, wandering around your backyard. One of my favorite views in Port Angeles is a seagull-lined building on the waterfront. Usually there are several on a given day.

We would see bald eagles too, but not nearly as often. Or more than two at a time. Not so in Kodiak! One of our favorite parts of the year is the eagle swarm, usually starting in mid-February. Hundreds of bald eagles come back into town as the canneries get busy again, ready to eat any fish scraps they can find. You see them soaring overhead, perched in trees (sometimes several dozen in a single tree), sitting on light posts, and lining rooftops. Here are a few shots from this year’s eagle return. The eagles without a white head are immature bald eagles, juveniles.