Luke 17

Stained with sin so deep I stink,
Stink from my very core.
Indeed, my core’s the problem,
There’s a rotting, festered sore.

The world sees superficial wrong,
It’s depth beyond their ken.
I know the evil well because
My heart has been it’s den.

The monster lives within me,
Yes, our two hearts beat as one.
It leaves me as the outcast,
Longing for pain to be done.

I see the joyful people,
I long to join them there,
But no one wants my illness.
Touch me, they would not dare.

Then One comes by and hope springs.
“Jesus, heal me” peals the cry.
Was that my voice, my pleading?
So desperate not to die?

“Go, show the priest,” He told me.
I take two steps, then smell.
No rot, no stench, just sweetness,
Life, I feel it, my heart’s well!

Bowed down in tears, on purpose?
No, what other choice was there?
Would you not do the same
If I could this cleanness share?

Rejoice! I live! And you can too!
This life is truly real!
Farewell, I go my way in peace,
Rejoicing in my weal.

© 2017 Jonelle Liddell



I’m sure you are all dying to know how the cats are doing now that Storm has been with us for a year. They are doing well! Pepper and Storm play with each other and Storm often mimics Pepper. Crystal and Storm can be in fairly close proximity now without hissing or friction. They have their favorite spots and their own routines.  Crystal is still there old hen cat who sleeps with us and sometimes emerges from the bedroom. Pepper loves his daily snuggles and often interrupts Storm’s games by showing her how it is done. Storm loves her pets while she eats and her daily play with me and a piece of string. She came to us gaunt and has compensated by overeating, so she is pretty pudgy now.  She and Pepper are both on a diet, we’ll see how that works!