Winter Light

The sun hangs lower in the sky,
When it at all is seen.
Soon, too soon, night comes upon us,
The world is white and clean.

This is winter, time of darkness,
Now we cherish light.
Each candle brings a revelation,
Opening our sight.

I may not see the darkness as
I wander thru the cold,
But when a flame is kindled I’m
Freed from the unfelt hold.

It only takes a small flame to
Illuminate the night
And its truth reveals my secrets,
Those hid from public sight.

We are lights in life’s darkness,
On other’s lives we shine,
But only when our life is free,
The Spirit in us thrives.

Is my light shining bright or is
The Spirit quenched in me?
A thing to ponder sometimes if
God’s servant I would be.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2015


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