To Write a Book

What would it take to write a book?
What would I write about –
A story full of bygone times
Or tales of faith and doubt?

Would others want to read by thoughts
And glimpse my inner heart?
Would my words be a challenge or
A balm giv’n thru my art?

Are my words worth another’s time,
Encouraging to read?
“Of many books there is no end” –
For many, there’s no need.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2015


Winter Light

The sun hangs lower in the sky,
When it at all is seen.
Soon, too soon, night comes upon us,
The world is white and clean.

This is winter, time of darkness,
Now we cherish light.
Each candle brings a revelation,
Opening our sight.

I may not see the darkness as
I wander thru the cold,
But when a flame is kindled I’m
Freed from the unfelt hold.

It only takes a small flame to
Illuminate the night
And its truth reveals my secrets,
Those hid from public sight.

We are lights in life’s darkness,
On other’s lives we shine,
But only when our life is free,
The Spirit in us thrives.

Is my light shining bright or is
The Spirit quenched in me?
A thing to ponder sometimes if
God’s servant I would be.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2015

“Prepare the Way”

“Prepare the way,” the prophet said,
“The Lord is coming soon!
Make straight the path before Him
And let your heart sing in tune.”

Thus sang the rugged prophet
To a people tone deaf grown,
But some listened and repented,
For the light within them shown.

These repented and were washed new
By the water and the word.
They were reborn to a new life
With a new melody heard.

“Believe in Jesus and be saved,”
They sang in earnest tones.
This message is the theme of life
For valleys of dry bones.

We sing this song throughout our life,
Wherever He may send:
In this life for a short time,
Then a new song without end.

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2015