Psalm 127:2

The road we walk is weary
    Our ways and days trend long.
We drag our feet and linger,
    Listening for a song.

Is there rest on this earth
    Or is endless toil our fate?
Will our hearts find solace
    Ere the grave alters our state?

The adage seems quite hopeless,
    “For the weary, there’s no rest”
So where does Sabbath promise fit
    If life’s an anxious jest?

He said His yoke is easy
    And the burden giv’n is light.
He said that Sabbath rest remains
    When day replaces night.

How do we know it’s coming?
    Listen, hear the lullaby
“Lay your weary head upon my breast,
    Be still here as you lie.”

“Here you find your balance,
    Here are filled from deep to deep.
He gives his children good gifts
    And to His beloved, sleep.”

Copyright Jonelle Liddell 2015.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 127:2

  1. Are you turning this into a song? Your poetry is melodic to me, and full of deep truths.
    Thank you for sharing this!

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