Night Shifts, Sickness and Cold

Well our life is about to change for the easier, as my work schedule changes from two night shifts and three evening (3-11:30pm) shifts each week to 2 evening and 3 10-6:30pm shifts each week. This is my last week of nights and tonight is the first of my 5 straight night shifts before the new schedule starts. Between the stresses of school, work during school, Mom’s sickness, moving and a crazy schedule, my reserves of every kind are pretty much non-existent. We are hopeful that the new schedule will help with my rest, thus my stress, thus building some reserves back up. In the meantime I have been sick, getting sick, or getting over being sick, almost constantly this year. And I am sick of it! Sick of being sick and so excited to start building my immune system back up!

In addition to getting a new schedule, we have continued to enjoy fellowship with good friends here, in different settings. Fellowship in small groups, evenings of games, movie nights, all help to satisfy our need for people interactions. What a blessing this community is!

Another blessing is the sunshine that has returned to Kodiak, however temporarily! Our crisp, cold days are a joy, especially since the days are constantly shorter. It is kind of fun to begin layering again, drinking hot drinks and snuggling with an electric blanket. Snow flurries have come briefly, soon we are supposed to get some real snow and we are kind of excited, even though we know by the end of the year we will be ready for it to go away. Some of the things that go along with being here at this time of year, is hearing about the bear sightings. Bear have come closer to town to stuff themselves on garbage before hibernation and have been hanging out in our neighborhood and near the hospital. Don’t worry though, we still haven’t seen one! At all actually, it is kind of frustrating!

I have been crocheting a lot recently. Earlier this year it was blankets for wedding gifts, then more recently I have made a ton of hats for friends here. Now I am mostly working on projects to try and sell. It’s fun making different things and figuring things out. For instance, right now I am trying to make a pattern for an ear warmer/headband. I think it is working okay, but since I have never made one before and don’t own one to compare it to, it’s kind of hard to tell. It is kind of like a game, seeing how many attempts it takes to turn out a nice end result! So far we are on attempt two, so not too bad.

In other news, and to finish off, the cats continue to provide comic relief and welcome company. Crystal, the older cat, like to “help” me crochet, by batting at the yarn as I use it and occasionally tangling it in her claws. Pepper, the kitten, acquires new nicknames several times a week. Most recently, since he has started to put on weight (he is no longer skin and bones, just a healthy weight), Fred has christened him “Pudge Ball.” He is also called:
Cute Stuff
Mephistopheles (the tormenting demon from Faust)
I should add that Fred comes up with most of these! Despite the names, Pepper is calming down and mostly behaving better. He still has his kitten moments of playfulness and aggravation, but they balance out a lot better with his moments of cuddling and rest. He has also grown some sharp claws and frequently leaves us aerated or bleeding as he is wrestling or running by and catches us by mistake. Oh the joys of kittens!


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