When I was a kid we used a behavior chart for awhile to determine allowances. It was called a positive/negative chart, and I still think in those terms sometimes. These past few years have had great positives (finishing 2 degrees, passing the NCLEX, my marriage, my brother’s marriage, my sister surviving a car accident in Africa, . . .) and great negatives (death of a dear friend, heavy class loads, Mom’s cancer, Grandma’s death, . . .). This is part of life, I know. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Peaks and valleys. Sometimes they seem to come closer together, like this last year.

Recently we have had some great positives. Visits to different parts of the island continue to give us our much needed “adventures.”. We have driven to the end of the road by Chiniak, the end by Pasagshak (at Fossil Beach), the end by White Sands Beach/ Monashka Bay, and the end by Anton Larson Bay. We have gone to the top of Pillar mountain, out to Fort Abercrombie and hiked around Near Island. There are a lot of places on our list to still explore, but the more we see, the more we love this beautiful place!

We continue to be blessed by our church family here, though my work schedule interferes with my attendance. The people have embraced us and uphold us in prayer. We are making friends, and more importantly, building friendships. The last few weeks have held game nights at a friends’ house and at ours, coffee dates, dinner at our place, continued evenings at small group, a harbor cruise with friends and an afternoon of baking cookies. We have met new people and found encouragement in old acquaintances. God is good. So good to us.

Our jobs continue to be positives. Not only are we both working in our respective fields, gaining valuable experience, but we are working with great people and have supportive bosses. We are developing friendships with our coworkers and feeling comfortable in our work. We work in the same building and live near it, which helps us steal moments together. Valuable moments, since our work schedules conflict for the most part.

Technology is a positive. Technology allows us to keep in close touch with our family and friends in other, distant places. We get to hear their voices, see their faces, find out about changes as they happen. It is so much better than the days with only letters, or letters and rare telephone calls. We are truly blessed!


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