For those who didn’t know, my (Jonelle’s) family had its second wedding on May 5th, when my little brother Jeremy married his long time sweetheart, Kailee. Fred and I flew down for the wedding and joined the other siblings as members of the bridal party. This was not as easy as it should have been.

Fred worked the day shift on Thursday, as usual, and I had the night shift Thursday night, scheduled to get off and 7:30. Our flight was at 8:22 and was the only one that would get us back for the rehearsal and evening with the family. We were scheduled to fly back Sunday morning, leaving the house 7am at the latest.

I got off at 7:23, Fred picked me up, and we headed straight for the airport. He parked the car while I tried to print our boarding pass. We had checked in online the night before. The kiosk wouldn’t print them, so we went to the counter. The lady helping us couldn’t print them either. We watched the rest of the passengers go through security and board, while she worked on our passes. The security guy came to find out if we were supposed to be on that flight. Finally, after almost 20 minutes at the counter, another woman came over and said they had been looking for us. Within 5 minutes our passes were printed. Just in time to watch the plane taxi. Frustrating. We got on the next flight, six hours later. And learned a lesson.

One nap later we were back at the airport, conveniently in the same parking space, and blessed with a smooth trip. We arrived sometime around 2am Saturday morning. Sleep was welcome! So was the time with family and friends that day. We got and gave a lot of very concentrated loving on and rejoiced exceedingly at the union of two very, very special young people! They were radiant! And the presence of many of our dear ones to celebrate with them helped us to make the most of the time. Hugs were given and tears shed as we prepared all too soon to return.

The next morning Josh and Janessa (Fodge siblings) and Josh’s girlfriend Emily drove us back to Seatac. Travel was again smooth and we returned exhausted, but grateful for the trip.


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