Schedule Confusion

First, a note on our whirlwind trip to Washington will come later. Now to the entry. So, I figured out why I have not been able to figure out a pattern in my work schedule. My work pattern only repeats once every 5-ish weeks, and the longest stretch of the same shift is three days, most of the time it is two. I feel a lot less dumb!

This was one of my switch days, where yesterday I worked from 3-11:30pm and today I am working from 111pm-7:30am. I cam home from the evening shift and slept until 10am, then got up and worked on projects around the house, then showered and welcomed my husband home from work. We spent awhile resting, then I slept another hour while he worked on home projects, then up for dinner and a little more quality time together, then he went to bed and I went to work.

Tomorrow I’ll make some crockpot yogurt and hopefully have the energy to get some cleaning or unpacking or both done. Fred will work his day shift and we will get the evening together. That is the best part of my day! With us so often sleeping and working opposite each other, we are grateful for each time of resting together. God continues to be good to us!


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