We’re still here!

(Written on April 29th)  It’s been awhile since our last post, so I’ll backtrack a little and give you a rambling overview of our current status. Briefly, on March 5th we went to Washington for our formal wedding and spent a hectic week with family and friends preparing for that celebration, followed by a week in San Diego with more family and friends. The wedding itself was a wonderful blessing, far beyond anything we imagined or could have done on our own. Many of our loved ones worked hard and gave generously of their time, creativity, and more, causing our hearts to swell with the wonder of God’s blessings in our lives. We packed Fred’s things from California, which arrived a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed the blending of our two families. Once back in Kodiak, we found ourselves at the tail end of winter, as the weather has been transitioning from snowy and cold to rainy and more mild. Fred went back to work and continues to enjoy his job and do well at it. I also returned to work, to my new schedule which is kind of crazy. We continue to be turning our apartment into a home, which is a joyful process, and continue to wonder at the reality of our life together. Not that I’m biased or anything, but I am married to an amazing man! He has put up with a lot, as my sleep schedule is always in a bit of flux and I tend to sleep most of the day, working shifts from 3-11:30pm or from 11pm-7:30am. Sickness has been hitting us in turns, with me getting a cold, then him, then me again, but God continues to be good and we have missed minimal work. Our coworkers at both jobs are wonderful and supportive, as are our supervisors, yet another blessing. A week from yesterday we are heading back to Washington for my brother’s wedding to an amazing girl, a three day trip total. We are looking forward to seeing family again! And we continue to be grateful for the place God has put us, for the breathtaking beauty of this place, for the laid back, small town culture here, for the portion of the family of God that we are a part of here, and most of all that He has put us here together. And now that we have been here for a little while, we’re ready for company. You should come visit!


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