Siblings, Shower and Stuff

Janessa and Jared go home Thursday, their visit has gone so fast!  They seem to have enjoyed their visit and to have gotten good rest, which was our goal.  Evenings at our apartment are much more, um, active now, mostly courtesy of Jared.  We’ll miss them, but are going south on Monday, so we’ll see them soon.

Saturday evening we got a box from Fred’s aunt and uncle.  That in itself is exciting, but we opened it to find a “wedding shower in a box” that was much more exciting!  My mom asked what that is, so here’s the list.  A card, a schedule of events for our wedding shower (to commence whenever we wanted, which was right away), decorations for the apartment, a shower game, snacks and dishes and glasses, a customized CD of romantic music with a picture of us on it, and gifts.  We had a blast!  The gifts were all pertaining to the kitchen, which was great since we were still missing our stuff.  We got knives, an ice cream scoop, spatulas, so much fun stuff!  It was a great blessing.  Our banner is still across our dining room, and we’re working on the candy still.

Yesterday, Monday morning, our stuff finally arrived!  It was better than Christmas, finding stuff that we had almost forgotten we had.  We now have a real mattress, a can opener, lots of spices (thanks to parents!), blankets, towels, a couch!  Our apartment is now a glorious mess, but it feels much more like a home already, and we’ve already made much progress.  Janessa and Jared were a great help with unpacking, washing dishes, breaking down boxes, consolidating garbage, and of course enjoying our couch.  Tomorrow evening we’ll celebrate having our stuff and Jared’s birthday (February 6th), with pizza, soda and Jared’s gifts.  Then I’ll go to my last night shift before we go south!

Though we love being here, I’ve felt more homesickness the last few days.  Especially as I hear how much friends and family back home have accomplished in wedding preparation for us.  Our wedding ceremony will be March 10th.  We are married, as described here: Our Journey to Kodiak – Part 0  just in case you forgot or hadn’t heard.  But the wedding is March 10th and we have been abundantly blessed with family and friends in WA, OR and CA who have worked hard and next week we get to see the result!  And even better than that, we get to see our loved ones!


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