Update (2/21/2012)

As of now our things still aren’t here.  We’ve been told the barge will be docking today and sometime from that point to a few days later we will actually get our things.  I’ve mostly adopted the sense that we will never see our things again (or rather not until we get back in March, after our vacation in the “lower 48”).  So far we’ve been doing pretty well without all our things.  We have reached the point, many times, of wanting something, as it would make operation X,Y & Z smoother, then remembering we do actually have such a thing, but it’s still in transit.  It’s kind of silly.  For example, we bought a $5 utility knife.  This has become the knife of the kitchen.  We cut meat, sandwiches, quesadillas, apples and pizza with it.  We also wash it like 12 times a day, same as our dishes.  Those five dollars were well spent.

In other news, Jared and Janessa have been here for a week.  It’s nice having them here and not having such an empty apartment.  The down side in there time here is that Jonelle has night shifts.  She should be working evenings mostly and a couple night shifts, but scheduling is kind of crazy at the hospital now I guess.  This means we see Jonelle for 3-4 hours and she is usually very tired, trying to adjust to her new nocturnal lifestyle.  Hopefully this will change soon, as none of like it.

On the note of work, I had a meeting with the executive director of Kodiak Community Health Center, about working in their IT department (right now consisting of one guy).  This facility is attached to the Providence hospital, where Jonelle works.  That would be nice if we could work close like that.  We’re hoping this works out, or anything else (though preferably something with computers).

In conclusion, many things are still up in the air, we are still working on settling in and so far we still really enjoy Kodiak.  It is a beautiful place.  Especially when the sun is out.  Hopefully there will be many more sunny days in the future, and that the snow will go away at some point.  As of now snow is still covering most of the walkways and paths.  We’ve heard that it usually snows in March.  So we’ll see what happens.  The days are getting longer though, and the sun starts rising at around 7:30 now.  Also, there are 17 days before our wedding and I don’t think either of us are really prepared for that, or really consider that it is that close.

Lastly, more pictures will come, someday, hopefully, when we actually think straight again and get the camera out.

“Wait for the LORD;
    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the LORD!”

Psalm 27:14


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