Our Journey to Kodiak – Epilogue

Our First Weeks


The next morning I went out to the car to see if I could find our extra tube of toothpaste, as we had run out last night. I went out sometime a little after 9am, and it was dark. There was no inkling that the sun had decided to rise yet. Aside from that I couldn’t find the toothpaste, so I asked the front desk and went about getting ready for the day. The night before Jonelle and I had decided to check out Kodiak Bible Chapel this morning and maybe other churches later. We looked up when it started and directions to get there. Service starts at 10:45am and it would take about 10 minutes to get there, so we figured we would leave sometime around 20 after, just in case we got lost.

We found the church alright, after sliding past one of our turns once and turning around. We were also a little early, so we just wandered around, lost, and found a place to sit in the empty sanctuary. After a couple minutes the Assistant Pastor’s wife, Suzanne, came over and greeted us. I think we had a flashing sign that read: “We’re new and lost and have no clue as to the usual operations of this congregation” over our heads. She was very nice and gave us lots of information on Kodiak, places to look for work, people to get in touch with, and activities going on. After telling her that we just moved and were waiting for the rest of our things to arrive she told us to come by her house later as she had extra things, left behind from coast guards leaving, that we could have.

The service was good and afterward there was a potluck. So we stayed around for that as well. We got to meet more people and found out that there are quiet a few people associated with the hospital at this church, one of which is Suzanne’s dad. Suzanne’s parents were also very kind and helpful in getting us acquainted with Kodiak, and also offered us furniture to borrow as we waited for our own.

After church we went and found our apartment. We pulled everything out of the car, which was wonderful. We didn’t have to worry about repacking or what to leave and what to take. We could finally move in. After just sitting and relaxing a little we went out to pick up things we were offered at church. Before we went to bed that night we had an inflatable bed, a card table and chairs, and some rugs, cleaning supplies, shower curtain and towels. God is good!

Week 1

Monday morning Jonelle got a call from the hospital saying she could start orientation. Before this we thought she would have to wait until her license went through. Also, one of the guys that had put in the carpeting of our apartment came by to finish the job, as they had to stop early because it got too late. By the end of Monday Jonelle had her first day of orientation and our carpeting was finished. I worked on organizing all the stuff we had more or less just dumped in the apartment when we moved in.

The rest of the week Jonelle continued with orientation while I drove around town, figuring out where everything was and getting various things done and checked off our list. In short I: got us a P.O. Box, set up our account at the electric company, KEA (Kodiak Electric Association), did our laundry for the past couple weeks, mailed off our request for a marriage certificate (so we could work on Jonelle’s name change), hooked us up with an Internet connection, and printed off resumes.

Week 2

The following Monday I got an Alaska driver license and a library card. Both of which were an adventure. First I needed three forms of ID for my license, one being my social security card, which was in San Diego (which my mom mailed up for me). I couldn’t get a new one or anything of that nature, as a guy comes to do social security appointments once a month (which we are now currently waiting for, for Jonelle).

Then, for my library card I needed an Alaska ID with my local residence on the ID (so a driver license would work, once I had it. I also needed something like a bill mailed to me, with my address on it. When I had those and I was being set up with a card I answered the following questions: “What’s your phone number? Do you have a local phone number? (No) Do you have a work phone number? What’s your email address? Is this your mailing address? (To differentiate between our 2 addresses) Who is a contact we can get a hold of if you aren’t available? (My wife) What’s her phone number? Does she have a local number? (No, but she works at the Hospital –Oh that’s good) What’s her email address? Goodness, I felt like I was applying for another driver license. When I got a library card in Washington it consisted of me showing the lady an envelope with my current address (because I wasn’t at my San Diego address anymore) and she gave me a card.

We are continuing to get settled and hopefully keep this site more up to date, than trying to type up some adventure from weeks past, like this, again. Hopefully pictures will also follow and be more prevalent as well.


1 thought on “Our Journey to Kodiak – Epilogue

  1. I loved reading your blog. I am so happy for both of you. I still can’t believe that little Freddy is married. 😉

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