Our Journey to Kodiak – Part 5

Day 7-10 – January 12-14
Homer to Kodiak

The next day, our first day in Homer, we did nothing. We sat around, mostly in bed, watching TV, eating, almost sleeping, and a whole lot of not driving. It was wonderful. We had talked about going out and eating dinner at some restaurant we found, but when that time came around Jonelle wasn’t feeling so great. I, on the other hand, had energy to burn and had developed some restlessness and wanderlust after staying inside all day. So I decided to see what I could find and maybe bring something back for Jonelle.

I wandered down the road a little, but didn’t really find anything. I don’t know how far I went. I don’t think I went more than a mile (there and back). Regardless I called it quits after a little while of fighting to walk through 2 feet of snow (instead of walking in the road) against cold, snow blowing, wind. I headed back to my nice warm room and beautiful wife. We snacked on the food we already had for dinner and watched food channels, and had fun thinking about food we could be eating.

By 11am, Friday morning (the next morning), we had packed up the car and checked out of our room. We now had 10-11 hours to kill, waiting for our ferry. The ferry was originally going to depart at 1:30pm that day, but was delayed 12 hours and so would leave at 1:30am the following morning, with check in at 10pm or so.

So we set out to explore the town and occupy our time. We drove around a little, and went out to the Homer Spit, where the ferry terminal was, and wandered around in one of the open shops. The view from the spit was beautiful.

Homer Spit 1

The Spit in Homer, AK

Homer Spit 2

Shops and sunshine!

We drove back into town and hung out at the Starbucks in Safeway, where we were able to connect to the Internet and check and send some emails. After a little while we headed back out to the spit and drove around a little. We found a pizza restaurant at the edge of town, before really entering the spit. We decided to check that out and eat lunch there. We were also excited about the lighthouse right by the restaurant. As it turned out, it wasn’t a real lighthouse, but it was still nice.

Lighthouse 1

A Lighthouse!

After lunch we drove around some more. Are you noticing a pattern yet? Yeah, there wasn’t a whole lot to do, though mostly because we didn’t have a set place to park our car, or a place to stay other than shops and our car.

Anyway, while we were driving around we saw another moose! It was really exciting! We actually saw it a few times, as we drove back and forth. I started driving down other roads to see if we could get a better view of it —yeah, we’re tourists (kind of), fascinated by a moose (or at least I was). Jonelle laughed at me, to which I asked her what else we were going to do.

Moose 1

Moose! There's a moose! Take a picture of the moose!

Moose 2

There it is again! Did you get it?

After following that moose for a little bit, we pressed on to explore other parts of Homer. And what do you know, we found another moose! I love Alaska!

Moose Calf 1

We found another moose.

Moose Calf 2

Isn't he cute?

Moose Calf 3

Look at him eat!








Soon other cars wanted to drive down the street we were stopped on, so we moved on. Guess what we did? That’s right! We drove around some more! Gosh this was getting silly. How much longer do we have? 6 hours?! We’re never going to leave!! AAAaagggghhh!

At one point we went over to the beach, parked the car and slept in the car for an hour or so. That was pretty nice. A little uncomfortable, but the rest was nice. We also got to watch a beautiful sunset.


Sunset from Alaska

Other fun things we did to occupy our time include:

  • Trolling through some more shops.
  • Finding a starting bookstore, owned by a Russian family, that Jonelle and I have decided to visit again, someday, when we have money.
  • Finding some more moose, and following them around.
  • Watching the movie “The Adventures of Tintin” in 3-D! Where I impressed Jonelle by eating a pint of ice cream within the duration of the movie. (And then explained it wasn’t that impressive).
  • And, of course, driving aimlessly some more.

Finally, we decided to just head over to the ferry terminal and wait there for the duration of our time. We got there to find a mostly empty lot. We figured more people would probably start coming in a half hour or so. After a little while, people still weren’t coming. I noticed there were now people in the terminal building and decided to ask them about departure and checking in. I was there informed that the ferry had been delayed again and wouldn’t be leaving until 6am the next morning! Bah!

We were able to check in and sit in line until we had to check in for boarding at 5am. So we pulled up behind another vehicle already there, because I couldn’t figure out where “line 3” was in the vast blanket of snow on top of the lot. We then went to sleep as best we could.

At 5am we were able to board the ferry. We were so tired that we parked the car, checked in to get our key, found our room, brushed our teeth and went back to sleep. Ten hours later our ferry arrived in Kodiak. We were still tired, but found better rest in a bed than in the car. We packed up and headed out.

Now before this, when we where at the Starbucks in Homer, we looked up directions to the Comfort Inn, where we would be spending the night. We would be going southbound from the terminal, toward the airport, away from the city. Our directions described getting to our destination as basically being right there, by the airport, plain and easy to see. This was not the case.

Yes, the inn was right next to the airport, but rather hidden, unless you knew what you were looking for. Given this, Jonelle and I drove for an hour or so beyond the inn. We passed the airport, the coast guard, and what seemed to be all civilization on Kodiak. I was beginning to think that they just built a road to nowhere, just for kicks and giggles. I’m still not sure what’s out that way. We eventually gave up and turned around, because there was no way it would be out this far.

Sure enough, we had passed it. By 7pm we were able to check in at the Comfort Inn and sink into another wonderfully soft, comforting bed. We ate pizza we saved from Homer and watched some TV. We were so relieved at finally being in Kodiak, finally at our destination.


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