Our Journey to Kodiak – Part 2

Day 2-4 – January 7-9
Bellingham to Haines

Being on the ferry gave us three days of relaxation, three days with nothing we had to be doing. It was wonderful. The ride was rather pleasant too. We both have motion sickness and so stocked up on drugs to counter this. There were only a couple times during the first two nights that were especially choppy. After getting over the fear of getting sick and throwing up I started to somewhat enjoy the tossing of the sea, then get annoyed by it again. It was strange to lay in bed and be moved from one end, to the other, back again and again and again and again.

During our ferry ride we marveled at the Alaskan coastline as we rode past it. Numerous times one of us would call the other to the window to see the wondrous sight. We were many times excited about moving to Alaska and the beauty it held. This would be our home, for at least the next three years.

We arrived in Haines, AK around 5pm. As we disembarked and headed to the town I discovered driving on snow. I had been in vehicles when others drove on snow, but this was my first time experiencing the different feel. I was so nervous. I easily felt the lack of traction and many thoughts of drifting from the road into some bank, or sliding to a stop in the middle and blocking traffic kept flashing through my mind. Fortunately there was a line of cars all headed toward Haines, giving us a safety in not being stranded, and me a guide to speed and stopping. Jonelle was wonderful, as she kept reassuring my ability to drive and consoling my nervousness.

After 10-15 minutes of driving we entered the town. Even though it was still evening we decided to stay the night here and leave in the morning. We found a nice motel and a restaurant down the way a little. We got a room and moved our luggage in (only a few bags this time as we had repacked our essentials into three bags while on the ferry). This room was wonderful. It was like a billion times larger than the room we had on the ferry! We at least twice as big (maybe 2.5X). We then walked down to the restaurant and ate fish and chips (warm food!) and enjoyed ourselves there for a while. We then headed back to the motel and preceded to crash.


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