Our Journey to Kodiak – Part 1

Day 1 ā€“ January 6
Port Angeles to Bellingham

It was nice to be in the car driving off. Not so much in leaving, but just that we were finally done with all the craziness involved in packing up our lives and getting ready, at least for a little while. At this point we knew what we were doing, but the idea that we were going off to Alaska definitely didn’t hit us yet.

We got to Port Townsend on time to board a ferry to Coupeville. We waited a little to board, got on the ferry and sat on the ferry for a half hour or so. I used this time to fall asleep, as I was exhausted. Arriving in Coupeville we didn’t know where to go, as our directions didn’t match the road signs. We picked a direction and went with it. After a little while driving we figured we had gone the wrong way, turned around and headed back. This was a good choice as we eventually found road signs that matched the names on our sheet of directions.

We eventually made it to Bellingham. We drove around a bit looking for the ferry terminal. We finally found the car loading line and joined the queue. After waiting a little while we finally made it to the booth, where the guy told us we needed to go back to the terminal building and check in there, then come back here. So we turned around, drove out of that fenced off area, turned right down the street, drove past the railroad tracks, turned into another fenced off area, and parked in the lot. We got out of the car, went in the building, waited in a line to talk to someone behind a counter. I had Jonelle do this while I looked for a possible way to check email, in case they needed our confirmation code that we didn’t have. It worked out that we didn’t need it. We got our tickets and itinerary, left that building, got back in the car, left the parking lot, drove back up the street, back to the vehicle loading line, waited in line again, and finally got to the guy in the booth again. He checked over our tickets and had us get in line.

We then waited in line from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, when we finally boarded the ferry.

That night we unpacked some of our luggage from the car and repacked the car a little, as we mostly just shoved everything in, in our panicked attempt to get everything in and off to Bellingham. We went up, got a room key, found our room and quickly dumped all our luggage in the room. From there we sat around, watched a couple movies, snacked and ate dinner from the food we packed and rested. We were so exhausted and this reprieve was wonderful.


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