Our Journey to Kodiak – Part 0

Now that I have about 4 pages of our story typed out already, and only half way there, Jonelle suggested I start posting this.  (Part 0 is something I learned in computer science which is mostly used as a preface or new introduction, with newer editions).


A lot has been happening in the past few months and the onslaught of things to do still continues to build up. With all of this I will define this story to be the actual trek (by car, and ferry) Jonelle and I took to get to Kodiak, with a little background leading up to this endeavor.

Now Jonelle and I have been dancing around, trying to find a place to settle and move forward with our lives and relationship. Since I graduated (December 2010) I’ve been trying to figure out a place to live and work, and somehow be with Jonelle. Six months later, Jonelle graduated and joined me in this. We did eventually find seasonal work, which helped give us something to do and money to help pay off loans and by groceries. During this time we got engaged and planned to find work in or near Port Angeles, WA and stay there. God had a different plan for us though.

Jonelle received a scholarship that covered her last year at school. One of the requirements of this scholarship is that she needs to work at a non-profit hospital or health care facility for two years (with a series of other requirements that define the places she could actually work). Given this, we were both looking at different opportunities in Washington and California, and some in Oregon. With this Jonelle filled out applications for many of the Providence hospitals, including one in Kodiak. We didn’t think much would come of that, or that we would get other offers and more just play it safe by applying all over.

The hospital in Kodiak responded soon after Jonelle had submitted her application. Through communication and phone interviews with the hospital Jonelle was basically offered the job if she wanted it. We danced around this and waited a little, trying to figure out what to do. We prayed and continued to look elsewhere hoping something would open up in Sequim or Port Angeles. There were a couple opportunities, but the door was closed on those paths. We decided that Jonelle should move forward with employment at the Providence hospital in Kodiak.

Given ferry schedules and orientation, Jonelle needed to be in Kodiak by the twelfth of January, two months before our wedding. We didn’t know what to do. For one, we hadn’t done well being apart for very long. For another, Jonelle, nor her dad, nor I wanted her to travel and live in a new area by herself. None of us knew much about Alaska or Kodiak, or what Jonelle might face. On the other hand, we had already set the date for our wedding and we didn’t want to leave our friends and family out of our marriage. After many stressful days and nights, tears, prayer, seeking guidance from numerous people, and hard decisions and conversations we finally decided to get married January 1, 2012.

We went down to San Diego so my brother could be a part of the small ceremony. Jonelle’s sister, Jennifer, flew down so she could be a part of the ceremony too. Sunday morning my pastor married us in his office, with my family there and Jonelle’s family watching via Skype. The ceremony was mostly technical and the best man and maid of honor witnessed our marriage license. From there we spent a couple days relaxing in Coronado by ourselves and then for the rest of a week with my family in San Diego. We flew back to Washington and proceeded to frantically finish our packing to head off to Kodiak.

Jonelle and I then had less than 27 hours to finish packing and head out toward Bellingham, to board our first ferry toward Kodiak. We packed the car within a couple hours, with all of her family hurriedly helping us pack as fast as we could. We got everything in and quickly said goodbye to Jonelle’s family and headed off.


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